Yuletide Specials at TPC

It’s been a tradition of mine every Christmas to offer reduced rates on consultations for dogs with health issues, whose owners are facing both mounting veterinary bills and all the financial pressures of Christmas. I also take 10% off any students enrolling in the Basics of Canine Nutrition course, and we can defer enrollment till after Christmas, meaning you get the 50$ savings AND you can start once the festive season is over. With  consultations for health issues, traditionally I offer two weeks follow up as you adjust your dog, and aim for as many recipes as I can – some dogs with health issues really can only have one diet, others can manage two or even three, depending on the condition. The follow-up often involves many hours of correspondence, some of which is necessary, a lot of which can reasonably be trimmed. So, to accommodate both the client’s needs and mine, while placing the wellbeing of the dog above all – my Yuletide Special is the same service for 150.00 – that’s a whopping 100.00 off! I will do a maximum of two recipes, with the supplementation of course, and we will need to keep email to needs-must. I enjoy chatting about nutrition – in fact I love it! but it does eat into my time very greatly. So a stripped down service but you still get what you need for dogs who have renal disease, cancer, liver issues, bladder stones – or as is often the case, a combination of many.

Here’s the Service Description:

2. Diet Plan – Health Issues – $250.00
You receive:   2 – 4 large batch (7 day) recipes for making ahead and freezing, tailored specifically to your dog’s unique needs; personalized information on supplements from the essential to the helpful;  General Dietary Guidelines containing  FAQs and pointers on everything from cooking techniques, substitutions, individual foods and their nutrient profiles, managing the dietary transition, converting commonly used measurements, food storage and safety and much more; 2 weeks follow up support as you transition your dog. Short recipes are available as an option for those who prefer to cook 1-2 days at a time; I use raw or cooked as each case suggests is optimal.
NOTE: THIS IS NOW TWO RECIPES FOR 150.00$. Follow up time must be kept to the necessary.

I am working toward an April finish for my Master Herbalist thesis, on canine cancer, so the extra time is good for me as well. I will leave this offer on the table after Christmas, most likely until April. The reduced tuition for the Basics of Canine nutrition will be over January 1, 2012.

The Advanced Canine nutrition course remains open with an estimated December 15 start up date. There is no  reduction for that course, it remains $650.00 plus materials .

Blessings of the Season to you all. 🙂



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