Ready to roll!

Finally – the new course is opening this weekend! A full  Outline is now available – you will need to email me  – and I am accepting registrations right now.

This is the course I’m talking about:

…and my email is

I will not be able to keep the tuition at 350.00 forever; this is an Introductory price, and I will extend it to the first twelve students who join me. If you are new to herbs you will discover an amazing world of healing and nature-connection; if you have some experience and knowledge I guarantee you will deepen it greatly as we journey past the basic uses for the plants and all of their popular applications.

Herbs are a part of my household and life from the  home made lotions and toiletries I use, to the many remedies and tonics we all take (dog, cat, human, avian) to the plants I grow, tend and gather, to the spices in our favorite dishes. It is my sincerest hope that once you have taken this course,  you will live the herbal life with me.
You, and your little dog too. 🙂


elda mor


One thought on “Ready to roll!

  1. I’m just curious as to your opinion of premade raw diets?

    I feed my dog Primal Formulas and occasionally Nature’s Variety which both considered “complete” diets. NV has montmorillonite clay, multiple veggies and fruits, and (at least in the chicken formula, not sure about them all) has dried kelp, apple cider viniger, parsley, salmon oil, esc. Primal has all organic fruits and veggies, and also has some herbs, ACV, salmon oil, esc.

    I do add in Nupro silver, for Immunity and Joint Support (1 1/2 Tsp for my 15 pd dog, he’s a poodle and jumpy so the joint support is a must with his possibility of a luxating patella) to my dogs food every day and he gets a frozen carrot ever night after dinner to clean his teeth and for added fiber. He also gets one whole sweet potato a week and one raw egg a week.

    Other then that I don’t add anything into his food. I’m wondering if I should? I know kibble and a premade raw are on two completely different levels since the minerals and vitamins found in raw aren’t destroyed in the process like in kibble. BUT, I was wondering if the things listed above for kibble would apply to a premade raw as well.

    So, in your opinion, do you think I should be adding anything into his food? He doesn’t seem like he needs it but I’m just not sure.

    Oh, and he gets Milk Thistle and Sam-e for a week about every two weeks for his Heartworm and Tick and Flea meds (I don’t give both at the same time, I separate them by at least two weeks). It’s a must, he’s already had two tick born diseases WITH the use of a topical tick preventative and I won’t mess with the chance of him getting heartworms. He only gets those both in the summer months though.

    Sorry this is so long, but I would really appreciate a reply, Thank you.

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