As always I am deeply happy to work with you and your dog, whether it be a proactive recipe to ensure your home prepared, raw or cooked diet is optimally balanced for his or her nutritional needs, or a more indepth analysis and series of diet plans for your dog with specific health concerns. My experience with  therapeutic nutrition  enables me to formulate healthful diets for a full range of conditions from gastrointestinal disease to allergy, renal and hepatic disease, urolithiasis, diabetes, cancer, and more. I specialize in complex, multiple-issue cases, but can of course work on anything you need help with.


1. Basic Recipes for Healthy Dogs – $75.00 and up

You receive: For the basic fee I will formulate one large-batch recipe, personally tailored to your dog’s age, weight, activity level and breed if relevant – using readily accessible ingredients and of course, foods he or she loves to eat. Each additional recipe (large or small batch) is $25.00 . This includes very specific supplementation instructions (links to the brands and doses) as well as my general Dietary guidelines and new Supplementation guidelines factsheets. Everything you need to get you started on the healthiest diet for your dog, with instructions for precise measurement of the foods, cooking, storage and transitioning. Follow up is NOT included in this service, but a phone call may be booked at 10% off, if additional support is required.

2. Diet Plan – Health Issues – $250.00
You receive:   1-2 large batch (7 day) recipes for making ahead and freezing, tailored specifically to your dog’s unique needs; personalized information on supplements from the essential to the helpful;  General Dietary Guidelines containing  FAQs and pointers on everything from cooking techniques, substitutions, individual foods and their nutrient profiles, managing the dietary transition, converting commonly used measurements, food storage and safety and much more; 2 weeks follow up support as you transition your dog. Short recipes are available as an option for those who prefer to cook 1-2 days at a time; I use raw or cooked as each case suggests is optimal.

3. Additional time for health issues- $100.00 per month
Dogs with health issues often require longer periods of testing and adjusting diets, after the initial consultation. Follow-up support means you have access to me for an extended period of time, within a specific email framework. This relationship enables us to work as a team to develop and finetune meal plans that suit your dog’s unique needs. Conditions that often require follow up include allergy, food intolerance, cancer, kidney or liver disease, Addison’s or Cushing’s,  diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis, and some types of urolith.
NOTE: Additional may fees apply to extremely labour intensive cases, such as those that involve multiple conditions or require daily contact.

4. Herbal and Supplement Consultation – $100.00
If you are happy with your current diet, but want to investigate the healing and preventive power of herbs and natural supplements, I am pleased to now offer a Herbal Consultation explicitly dealing with your dog’s needs. As with the dietary consultations, you will need to fill in a detailed questionnaire and provide me with photographs as needed. I will make recommendations for using herbs and supplements to target specific health conditions, support body systems, bolster overall wellbeing and enhance quality of life for all dogs, all life stages, all health conditions.

5. Emergency Care
In cases of emergency where extensive input is required, and the dog needs to be seen on short notice or on the weekend, I will evaluate individually and discuss the fee with regard to the hours I need to put in. Generally speaking this service requires ongoing care, so the standard fee is 250.00 plus a 50.00 surcharge if I need to work on short notice, on weekends or evenings.

6. Puppy Diet

This intensive service runs for the whole first year of life, and entails regular adjustment of energy and nutrients, as well as supplementation as required. $450.00 for the full year; reductions if we start at a later age; additional fees may apply if health conditions arise and complicate the process. For a full outline of the service, please contact me at A shorter puppy service may also be negotiable in cases where the owner requires minimal support.

For all newcomers attempting to rear pups on homemade diet, I recommend the full service. It includes ongoing adjustments with regard to weight, all nutrient requirements, supplementation information, access to my Puppy FAQs, email support up to 5 per month (during business hours) and phone consultations as needed.

8. Multi-Dog Households
I am happy to help those of you who are struggling with home made diet for two or more dogs. Because the amount of time it takes me to handle these cases will vary greatly (are there 2 dogs to feed or 10? Any seniors? Pups? Health conditions? performance dogs?) the fee cannot reasonably be decided until I discuss it with the owner. I endeavour in these cases to devise batch recipes common ingredients for all members of the household. Fees will be set according to the estimated work hours I will need to put in.

9. Phone Consultation
on any related subject, $50.00 one hour.

10. Bach Flower Essence Consultation
Assessment and Recommendations: This service involves an email correspondence whereby you fill in a questionnaire regarding your dog’s personality and behaviour, and I send you suggestions for a personal Bach Flower Essence blend, as well as recommendations for individual remedies that may be helpful in specific situations. My fee for a nutrition client is $40.00 and for those who want only the Bach consultation, $60.00. At this time we accept PayPal or personal cheques only, and all fees are in US funds.

For more information please contact me at – I look forward to discussing options and meeting your dogs!

The information presented here is in no way intended to provide a substitute for veterinary care. Please present this link to your veterinarian and regard anything offered here as complementary to traditional healthcare for your dog

10 thoughts on “Consultations

  1. We currently have three(3) adult Rhodesian Ridgebacks, with the possibility of a new puppy within the next 12 months. Current ages range from 1.5 years to 8 years(1.5; 6; 8). We are interested in providing optimum care for our family.
    Do you have any programs/options for a consultative service where we can work together for total dietary health? Especially, ability to discuss options/ideas as things change/progress?
    If there are options that make sense, our intent would be not just a ‘one year’ relationship but tailored more toward ‘ongoing’. Example: They are currently on Iams Premium with prebiotics + a probiotic supplement because the 6 year old was having seizures(blood work indicated inability to convert B vitamins). We changed to Iams from California Natural Lamb & Brown Rice. The 6 year old also gets 20mg of ompeprazole daily and B12 shots every 2 weeks.
    I’m part of the FB group The Possible Canine(thanks:-) ) and the cat group and when I have sense enough,and can find it, your blog.
    Look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.

  2. Hi Amanda, If you are looking to keep them on kibble, and just want help finding a better type, we can schedule a phone consultation. If you’d be interested in recipes, I work with each dog as an individual, and your special-needs boy in particular requires attention to every detail. but how I would do this depends on what you need – if it’s herbal support, home made recipes – my suggestions will vary. I think the best plan for now is for you to contact me at home,, and we can see where to go from here. I look forward to hearing from you!
    Cat 🙂

  3. CatLane
    I am interested in scheduling a consultation concerning my dog Jazzmin. She has crystals in her urine. I have a two dog household….Jazzmin is a husky/germanshepard cross (rescue), Daizee is a fullbred Siberian Husky.
    Jazzmin is 9 and Daizee is 8.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Nancy Lovelace

  4. Nancy, I sent you a reply at Facebook – please email me at catlane@thepossiblecanine, and I will forward you the paperwork to get the process moving. I look forward to helping you with Jazzmin. 🙂

  5. I have a 5 year old healthy male (neutered) Papillon. He is sensitive to some foods: cheese and corn. Possibly more. If he gets these foods he almost immediately chews his paws which gets them all stained. With the recent dog food recalls, I am tending towards home cooked for him. Would he be a candidate for you $75 consultation? Or do I need to save up for the Diet plan product? Also, do you have any knowledge on feeding a cat?

    Thanks, Pat

  6. Hi Pat!
    Yes, i think your dog would not need a health Issue consultation. Cheese and corn are common allergens and no need at all to include them in the diet. You can contact me for a recipe or two at And with regard to cats, yep, I have some knowledge – not at the professional stage yet but I am planning on taking clients later this year. If you have some simple questions please include them in your email to me about your dog. if I can;t answer them I will find someone who can.
    I look forward to helping you!
    Cat 🙂

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